A Single Dad Adopted an Ill Child and Raised an Olympic Champion

People continually told Jerry Windle, a single homosexual guy, that he would never be a parent. He never imagined himself being a father, but his life changed dramatically one day. His parents’ story reads like a storybook, and it proves that a merciful heart can overcome any obstacle.

We at Bright Side think that parental love can do great things and that it transcends all societal biases and preconceptions. We’d want for you to learn about a single man with a great heart who raised an Olympic champion from the ashes of an orphanage.

It all began with a magazine article.
Jerry Windle, a single gay guy, has dreamed of becoming a father since he was a child. He tried to adopt in the United States until he came across a magazine piece about orphans in Cambodia. He didn’t waste any time in contacting Cambodian officials, and he immediately received life-changing information.

Jerry raced to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in June of 2000, where his future son, Jordan, had been residing in an orphanage since the death of his biological parents. Malnutrition, scabies, and serious illnesses plagued the child. Jerry brought him back to Florida, nursed him back to health, and adopted him as his son.

The new family was confronted with several problems right away.
The new family faced several challenges after they returned to the United States united. Jordan was weary and weak due to his health problems, and he talked with Jerry through sign language before learning English.

Jordan was two years old at the time, yet he weighed just 16 pounds. His father had no idea whether he would live or die. He pledged, though, that he would do all in his power to ensure that his new kid never had to suffer again. There was already so much love that it had overcome all obstacles.

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