A Magical Free Library in a 110-Year-Old Tree

In my own neighborhood, I have noticed a delightful trend of “free libraries” popping up. It’s a concept that I find quite wonderful – people take and leave books in a mailbox or a similar structure right on the street.

The idea is simple: you take one of these free books, return it once you’ve read it, and maybe even leave a couple of your own used books. While the free libraries in my area are all painted boxes of some sort, I recently came across an extraordinary version. This genius woman transformed a 110-year-old dead tree in her front yard into a magical free library.

Sharalee Armitage Howard, a librarian, artist, and former bookbinder from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, had a brilliant idea instead of removing and destroying the old cotton tree stump. She decided to turn it into a free tree library. The inside of the stump was carefully carved out, a roof was added, and the cozy interior was beautifully lit up. Let me tell you, this is the most charming free library I’ve ever seen!

This enchanting tree library is an outstanding example of creativity and community spirit. It not only offers a whimsical place for book lovers to discover new reads but also adds a touch of magic to Sharalee’s front lawn. Imagine stumbling upon this cozy little library while strolling through the neighborhood – it would be a true delight.

I want to give a big shout-out to Sharalee for her fantastic creation and to everyone else who participates in the free library initiative. These libraries not only provide access to books but also foster a sense of community and shared knowledge.

If you’re interested in learning more about Little Free Libraries and how you can get involved, click here to explore further. Who knows, there might even be a free library in your area waiting to be discovered!

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