81-Year-Old Man Walks Into Guitar Store And Owner Quickly Figures Out He Is No Ordinary Customer

Some say with older age should come limitations in wearing skinny jeans, listening to heavy metal music, and watching cartoons. If you’re part of the so-called minority who disagrees with the latter, you know that age has no limit to what one can do.One Nashville, Tennessee-based senior citizen, Bob Wood, rebelled against expectations to prove to us all that age is just a number and that it’s just a stage in life in which we gain maturity and experiences but are free to be as we wish.

In a video, Bob picks up a guitar at a Nashville guitar shop, British Audio Service, and no, he isn’t purchasing the instrument for his talented, punk-artist grandson. As the man plucks even a few of the guitar’s strings, we instantly know that he’s no novice to the world of music.Throughout the tune he performs, Bob’s fingers are quickly and flawlessly moving to bring one of the most beautiful guitar solos on the planet. The fact that this man was willing to play this in public and even be filmed, earning him over two million and counting views, is a treat for us.

Backtracking into the guitar god’s history, we learn that Bob released several albums and was a regular performer at Wheeling, Virginia’s Jamboree USA. In 2007, the 81-year-old even landed himself in the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame and was named “Entertainer of the Year” by Eastern States’ Music Company, Inc.

Do you still think aging makes someone ‘lame’ and unworthy of doing ‘cool’ things? I didn’t think so! Bob is one cool dude and pretty inspiring if you ask me.Check out his smokin’ in-store guitar performance in the viral video below. Your ears will not regret a second of it.

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