4 Teens Try To Rob Texas Marine Veteran, Get Hit With Instant Dose Of Karma

A Marine veteran was outside of his home when a group of teens came up behind him and attempted to rob him at gunpoint. What happened next left the teens in shock.According to KPRC, Alexander Borrego was outside of his Houston, Texas, home when four male teens walked up behind him and ambushed him.

“One came alongside, through here, and next thing I knew I had a gun to the back of my head,” Borrego recalled. “They told me to get up, so I stood up. My garage door was open so my main concern was my family at that point.”

Borrego’s wife and children were inside the home when he was attacked.The teens did not know, however, that Borrego was armed. After a few moments, he took action.

“I had my pistol in the front pouch of my hoodie,” he said.

Borrego’s gun already had one bullet in the chamber. He was able to release the safety before pulling it out, turning around, and firing at one of the attackers.

“My last thought before I pulled the trigger was: ‘Don’t be the last one to fall. Stay up as long as you can,’” he told KTRK.“The guy I hit dropped his gun when he was running,” Borrego said.

Police said that Borrego shot the teen once in the chest and once in the leg.All four suspects ran from Borrego’s home to the home of the teen who was shot. His mother drove him to a nearby hospital.

Security officer Arthur Chatham Jr., who works in the neighborhood, spotted two of the teens running and caught up to them.

“I encountered two of the suspects, running in the neighborhood on the opposite side of the subdivision, detained them, got their information and passed it on to Harris County Sheriff’s Department,” Chatham said.

One suspect is still on the run, while two were caught by Chatham and the fourth was injured.Police said that Borrego will not face any charges in connection with the incident.

Borrego’s wife shared a post on social media following the attempted robbery.

“You hear about stuff like this all the time, but never think it would happen to you,” she wrote. “This could have ended terribly for my family and I, but I think God, everyone watching over us and Alexander Borrego for stopping them from coming inside. I am so proud of you babe. #MyHero.”

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