12 Years Ago They Were Called The World’s Most Beautiful Twins – Now Look At Them

Twin Instagram Sensations: The Journey of the “Most Beautiful Twins in the World”

The Rise of Twin Instagram Stars

Meet Ava and Leah, once dubbed the “most beautiful twins in the world.” Their Instagram account has been on a meteoric rise, amassing over 1.8 million followers. Jaqi Clements, the proud mother of these stunning girls, shared how their social media fame took off swiftly after its creation.


From Birth to Stardom

Right from birth, these adorable twins were affectionately called “beautiful.” At the age of just six months, they had already garnered nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram. Their popularity further skyrocketed when the Daily Mail featured an article about them. Since then, their account has grown exponentially, reaching the impressive milestone of 1.8 million followers and counting.

A Whirlwind of Excitement

This past year has been an exhilarating ride for Ava and Leah. They’ve enjoyed various perks, including private shopping experiences and receiving gifts from brands around the world. Meeting fans and making friends along the way have been equally significant for them, as their mother, Jaqi, shared earlier this year.


Balancing Stardom and Education

As a doting mother, Jaqi ensures that her daughters excel in both their school and social life. When it comes to work commitments, she expertly manages their schedules to avoid any disruptions to their education. Any jobs booked through Instagram are scheduled on weekends or after school hours, with a teacher on set to assist with their studies.

Juggling Work and Play

The girls’ modeling engagements often require them to travel to Los Angeles, which is a two-hour drive from their home. Jaqi always makes sure to turn these workdays into memorable experiences by arranging fun outings with friends or treating them to special lunches or dinners. On non-working days, the twins focus on school, followed by swim practice, dance classes, or playful adventures with their neighborhood friends.


The Magical Age of 7

When Ava and Leah turned seven, their mother sensed that it was the perfect time to sign them up with a modeling agency. Believing in the significance of the number 7 and trusting her intuition, Jaqi embarked on this new chapter for her daughters.


Blessings in Beauty

As every mother cherishes the gift of having a child, Jaqi feels doubly blessed to have two little angels with such breathtaking beauty. As Ava and Leah grow, we wish them a joyous childhood filled with playfulness and carefree moments.

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